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Year 7 Haiku and Poetry

Year 8 Haiku

The Year 7&8 Extension writers have been working very hard this term, this is a selection of their work. I have also included some writing from  the Year 6 Poetry Club. I hope you agree that we some very able writers in our school.

Wendy Clarke
Extension Writing Teacher


Alice McPike
Spring is here
The Lambs’ plain coats extend out from their bodies like clouds, as they leap around the fresh green fields examining every new sprout of grass for a sign of frosty snow. A perky black bird with wings like shadows seems like a marionette, as for its beady beak it looks as if it is made of pure sunlight. Eager children dive into musty sheds and wrench out floral swimsuits from forgotten corners. A dainty trickle of water tiptoes down from ancient mountains. The mountains look as if they are topped with icing sugar because of the snow that survived the sun's endless heat rays pounding on the worn rocks and droopy bushes. 
Geckos silently laze on warm rocks soaking up the tropical heat. Buds expand out and and shine their exotic yellow middles at the welcoming sun. Pure white clouds dot around the mint blue sky like teeth in a pirate's mouth. Long lean lanky grass uses the light breeze as crutches. Everywhere things grow like a wacky science experiment. Young ants scramble around as the last precious P&J sandwiches get carelessly swept onto the swaying grass. 
Spring is here.     

Orla Cox
A New Slope
Swish there goes another one zoom down the slope as they go speeding at one hundred and fifty km an hour. Looking like they are twisting and turning around a long stretching vine all the way down the slope.Ok here goes my turn I am gripping onto my poles like my life depends on it,1, 2, 3 GO!!!!!!!!!
Zoom down I go I’m doing it I’m skiing down the M-1 for the first time in my life WOW, it feels amazing zooming down the hill, oh and there goes dad I think he’s up for a little competition. I’m of there is no stopping me when I start I finish (as a winner obviously) I’m catching up to dad getting nearer and nearer by the minute and…….
Did it, I got past him. Now all I’ve got to do is stay in front I know how dad can be getting his revenge. Ohhh small little jump I’ve done jumps before I think I can do it 3, 2, 1 weeeeee I go soaring through the air wow that jump was a lot higher than I expected, I can see dad just pase me out of the corner of my eye I see he is laughing I must of had one of those really funny shocked looks on my face any way time to get back in the front.
But as soon as I see dad he is already at the bottom waiting for me and as I thought the first thing he said was “I WIN, I WIN”.
We both laugh then go back and find mum and my brother and tell them about my GREAT TIME. 

Georgia Chinn
AND WE’RE OFF ! Shouts Georges as we sprint towards the curved edge of the yellow, grassy cliff. Suddenly we are in mid air, swooping over the wilding pines like a starving hawk looking for an unfortunate ferret. I am not in the least scared, or even worried about dropping anything. 
As we glide past the shiny glass viewing platform I wave happily at the smiling people leaning on the smooth safety rail, and some of them wave back at me!  I gaze excitedly across at the top of Queenstown, all the car parks and buildings - which seems to have shrunk to fit a ladybug - or something even smaller, perhaps a red ant. Georges shows me how to steer the paraglider, by tugging down on the handles - and then he lets me have a go! I delightedly swoop around, like some crazed seagull. I give the controls back to Georges - then he tries to make me scream! We go back and forth, like a confused detective trying to find out the mystery. I get that nasty feeling in my stomach like when you’re on a roller coaster and you go down a steep drop. My eyes water and I feel ill, but I still don’t scream. Georges stops swirling around and he starts to slow down. We spiral down and glide to a stop. 
Paragliding is over.

Sienna McIlroy
The Ocean Wave
The cold winter breeze was dancing in the black starry midnight     sky.  The sea was as calm as a sleeping mouse. All of a sudden, ‘BOOM’ thunder shot down the sky, then lightning made a flash in the distance. The sea was rising up becoming a rough mountain wave collapsing down on the sharp boulders.  The people from the village ran as fast as they could, like mischievous monkeys swinging across vine from vine in the dew of rain.  
The only light in the sky was one dazzling shiny star that shone so brightly it made you feel like forgetting about everything.  The ocean waves were calmly creeping back down into the deepest darkest depths of the ocean floor all except for one. One calm, cold ocean wave kept lapping over and over again until the sky faded from black and starry to bright and blue.  
It was still wet and windy but the rain quickly went away until the the last drop of water fell from the sky.  The murky dim sun beamed  down on the tall green palm trees in the morning light.  The sand was being blown around forming into the most wonderful shapes.  Then the tide came in and swooshed over the sand dunes making the wonderful shapes disappear and sink down underneath the surface of the cold calm water that flattened the soft golden sand into smooth brown layers of wetness.

Katie Mathieson
The Midnight cat
Leaping from roof to roof this black beauty is the hunter of the night in this cheerful neighbourhood. With a cloak of midnight black fur rippling in every leap to every brick roof top. A snow white mask covering his pretty pink nose and up between his emerald green eyes. Sticking his soft silky midnight black, coal black tail high in the air camouflaging it in the black night sky as black as a crow as black as a black widow spider as black as the black part of a penguin. 

The stars are like glowing gold nuggets shining up on the iron black universe the licorice black universe. Suddenly without warning the midnight cat stops. He creeps down one of the rusty rooftops and lunges into the open window and inside lay five small kittens one which was white with black splodges of black paint, one small tabby the runt of the litter curled up in a small ball  while the others clambered over him, one a white female with one of her brothers tails in her mouth and the other two both pure black with sky blue eyes. In this attic the only food for them is spiders and rats. Out went the midnight cat and met a cream white female domestic cat watching the sunrise over the horizon as the world started to wake up.

Sylvan Lawn
Crick, crack goes the twigs as I walk through the damp forest. Splitter, splatter the little water fall goes. Rustling through the bushes goes blackbirds munching on green caterpillars. Scratching in the fluffy moist tree is a black possum. The wind whispering to me. Snapping twigs in the distance a little oak brown stag munching on some fresh grass with its mother lookout. Waving in the wind goes the ferns. Splashing in the milky blue pond is slippery slimy scaly goldfish gracefully swimming around making ripples in the milky blue pond. A light winter's breeze passes my face knocking off the little icicles of the ferns. Morning icicles on the frosty grass slowly melting away as the morning sun comes up. A thick grey cloud of gloomy mist surrounds me. Bluebirds waddle around me looking for some grub to eat. Some rabbits hopping away in there holes some are zipping as fast as lightning. Smelling the fragrant pine as if it was a air freshener. The beautiful scene overlooking the humongous mountains. Bluebirds zipping around like racecars breaking the air. Crashing goes the rapids of the raging river throwing rock down it. Delicious raspberry bushes standing right in front of me yummy as I sink my white teeth into it. Crash goes a rose red apple fallen from a magnificent oak brown apple tree.