Learning Beliefs

This is building on the work we began with staff, parents and children. Keep an eye on this page as we develop the way we teach and learn.

Our Beliefs about learning

  • Education needs to equip children for today, prepare them for tomorrow and empower them to adapt and thrive in the future.Self Regulated learners; learners who drive their learning show greater motivation and engagement, set higher challenges and show greater self management
  • Children should experience the joy of success and develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to pursue their dreams. They need to be able to contribute meaningfully; socially, mentally and physically, to the world they live in. 

 We seek to apply the following principles of learning:

  1. Learners are at the center – activities focus on their cognition, growth, engagement and active participation
  2. The social nature of learning is powerful, so well organised cooperative learning opportunities are incorporated
  3. Emotions are integral to learning
  4. Individual differences, including prior knowledge, are recognised
  5. Learning activities stretch all children, providing hard work and challenge, without excessive overload
  6. Assessment for learning – children know what is expected of them and there is a strong emphasis on formative feedback to support their learning
  7. Building horizontal connections – when possible learning is authentic, connects across learning areas, and school and the wider community

(Ref: OECD 2010 The Nature of Learning: Using Research to Inspire Practice) 

Confident, Connected & Adaptive learners