Vision for learning

Our Vision for Learning

 Our vision is for every child to be able to go for GOLD, now and in the future.

 At Arrowtown School, gold means more than winning. Gold is about guardianship, opportunity, learning and determination.

Guardianship    caring for self, others and the environment. Protecting the past, present and future.

Opportunity       having skills, knowledge and a “can do” attitude to pursue or create opportunities

Learning            knowing how to learn: reflect, question, think, wonder, be self aware, connect

Determination   perseverance, resilience


Our teaching and learning activities develop the learner qualities within GOLD, enabling students to be:


Confident    have a positive sense of wellbeing, can do attitude, know who they are (identity, language and                                        culture), be hopeful, motivated, persistent, resilient.

Connected effective communicators, collaborative, socially competent, empathetic, value diversity and other                                  identities, language and cultures (world knowledge), understand their place (local, national, global)

Adaptive       know how to learn, apply knowledge and skills, literate and numerate, curious, thinkers, creative,                                  problem solvers, inquirers, have initiative, technologically fluent.

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