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Our teaching and learning relationships have  a strong emphasis on “restorative practices”.  The focus in restorative practice is on “working with” rather than “dealing to” children.

Restorative practices help the person who caused harm to understand the impact of their behaviour on those who have been harmed. Those who cause harm are held genuinely accountable and are required to face up to what they have done and to repair the harm not just to those who have been harmed but to everyone else affected.

Restorative processes can range from a brief discussion between two students with the teacher over a classroom incident, to group meetings with peers led by the teacher,  to whole class meetings  and right up to “community conferences” with children, parents,  teachers, those who've been harmed and those who cause harm and led by a neutral adult. There is a set process to follow when having restorative conversations

Teachers use a variety of other behaviour management strategies in tandem with restorative practices to ensure that all children can learn in a safe and orderly environment.