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Concerns Procedure

It’s important that you come to talk through a problem rather than discuss it in the community where it can’t be fixed, particularly if we don’t know about it. We hope that the guidelines are helpful and that you feel confident to approach us.

 What do I do if I have a concern?

Contact the person concerned to make a time to discuss the concern. Indicate before meeting what the concern is about. Then meet with the relevant staff member about the issue. Provide feedback to the teacher as to whether your concern is addressed.

 What if I do this but the problem is not solved?

Meet with the senior teacher responsible for that area of the school. If you do not know any of these people or feel they may not be able to help, meet with the Principal to discuss the concern. If the concern has not been addressed to your satisfaction at this stage, then contact the Board Chairperson who may advise you to submit a written complaint to the Board of Trustees if the concern is unresolved or of a very serious nature.

Handy Hints

  • The first person you should see with your concern is the person closest to the problem
  • If you have concerns regarding another child (not your own) you must approach the school, and not the child
  • Teachers are very busy before school in the morning so that is not a great time to address a concern.  After school with adequate warning is much more suitable
  • Mutual respect and good listening on both sides is important to resolving concerns.
  • There are usually two sides to a story