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Sausage Wednesday

The PTA organises the sale of a 'sausage in bread' lunch each Wednesday as a fundraiser to subsidise school camps. To order send $2.50 to school in an envelope with your child's name and whether they want sauce or no sauce on the sausage. Term orders can also be placed by way of filling out the form that is distributed at the end of each term.

Food Warmer

The food warmer is in the hall kitchen. 
Children are to place their food in the warmer prior to school each day and then can collect it at 12.30. Please ensure food is clearly labeled with your child's name and room number. Please ensure food will not drip or spill by using heat proof containers or careful wrapping in tinfoil.

Sushi Monday
This service is provided by Suma's Sushi, it is not run by school, the term orders are given to her and paid to her. 
You are sent the term order form before the start of each term. Please no not pay online to school.