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Snow Days / Adverse Weather

Occasionally school needs to be closed or delayed because of weather conditions.

  • If it snows overnight (or the roads are unsafe), school closure, delayed starts or the cancellation of bus services will be announced through the local radio stations (More FM and Classic Hits) from around 7 a.m. onwards. We will use our text messaging system, the home page of the school website and the school Facebook page to post notices regarding “snow” days, as close to 7am as we can.
  • If it snows during the day, school will stay open. School buses will not run early. If it is judged unsafe for buses to run at the end of the day, children will be kept at school until they are picked up by their parents. Wait until it is safe to drive before you come to pick up your children; there is no need for you to drive in hazardous conditions. Your children will be well looked after at school. It may even be that some children need to stay here after school or even overnight in extreme conditions. 

We will use our text messaging system, the home page of the school website and the school Facebook page to post notices regarding “snow” days.