Arrowtown School teaches the New Zealand Curriculum. Our curriculum is based on the essential learning areas;
  • English
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Health and Physical Education
  • The Arts (Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Art) 
  • Technology
  • Languages (for Y7-8 children) 

Learning at Arrowtown School is often integrated (i.e. drawing on more than one essential learning area at a time) and inquiry based (i.e. empowering children to direct their own learning by asking questions and carrying out research).

The NZ curriculum also includes five key competencies to be developed in children;
  1. Thinking
  2. Using language, symbols and texts
  3. Managing self
  4. Relating to others
  5. Participating and Contributing 

The school offers a wide range of learning opportunities (academic, cultural, social and physical) so that children can develop as well rounded individuals. We give high priority to achievement in literacy and numeracy. We foster a positive attitude towards learning in children and encourage pride in performance and a desire to achieve high personal standards in all children do.

We want children to develop the skills for independent, lifelong learning (e.g. information, thinking, communication and inquiry skills) and believe strongly in using information and communication technologies to enhance children's learning.

We aim to make learning interesting, meaningful and relevant to children by using child-centred learning approaches

We work hard to create a caring, safe and orderly learning environment. We have high expectations of children in their relationships with others and stress the key values of respect, honesty, tolerance and cooperation.


Student Support
  • We employ extra part time teachers to work with children needing extra help in English and Mathematics. This may be individually or in small groups. 

Reading Recovery
  • This programme is for children identified at age 6 having difficulties learning to read. Teachers work with children on a one-on-one basis for 30 minutes daily for an extended period (e.g. up to 20 weeks). 

Extension Programmes
  • Extension writing
  • Involvement in ICAS competitions in English, Computer Studies, Mathematics, Spelling and Writing
  • Otago University Maths Problemsolving Competition for Year 7-8 students 
  • Sports and recreation 
  • Inter school competitions in various sports
  • Interhouse competitions at lunchtimes
  • Interschool sports exchanges
  • Winter sports - Iceskating (Y1-3) and Skiing/Snowboarding (Y4-8) programmes 
  • Cultural opportunities 
  • School choir
  • After School Music Programme 
  • School of Rock (tuition in instruments and rock bands)
  • School Productions 
  • Outdoor Education 
  • Year 6 Arrowtown-Macetown camp - 5 days
  • Year 7 Camp Columba camp - 5 days
  • Year 8 Camp Wainui (Akaroa) - 5 days