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Dear Parents & Staff,

As you know, we are conducting a Uniform Review across the school.

We have already surveyed the kids, and their results are in this booklet. We are also now seeking the opinion of both staff and parents of Arrowtown School.

The Team have collated the following information which covers a variety of views about uniforms - some are research based, some are opinion pieces. We have placed these in no particular order for you to read through in your own time. Of course, our research is not exhaustive - if we have found out anything in this process, it is that there is a vast amount of information on this topic.

How does the survey work?

Well, we’re not doing a vote. We’re collecting data so that we can analyse opinions across the school (anonymously) and present these findings back to the Board of Trustees.

Is this survey being done just to support a decision that’s already been made?

Absolutely not.  We are conducting this survey without knowing where it may take us - the topic of uniforms is one that stirs up a school community like few others. I hope you feel like we are conducting this review process in a respectful and open-minded way. Please believe that our mission (as stated below) is at the heart of everything we do at Arrowtown School.  And this is why it is so important that everyone participates.

Every single child has told us what they think– now it’s your turn.

>> The survey closes at 9pm, on Friday 9th June <<

Your opinion matters, so please no matter what you believe with regards to uniforms and whether Arrowtown School should have one,  share your view. We are most definitely listening...

Chris Bryant, Principal
and The Uniform Review Team