Positive Behaviour

He taonga rongonui te aroha ki te tangata

Goodwill towards others is a precious treasure

Behaviour Management Strategy


At Arrowtown School, by teaching, modelling and reinforcing positive behaviours, we shape our environment to support and empower our people to GO For GOLD and become confident, adaptive and connected.


The following principles are vital to our success in behaviour management at Arrowtown School:

  • High standards, clear expectations, and consistency by staff (we condone what we ignore)
  • A positive approach, students are consistently taught expected behaviours
  • Use of corrective rather than punitive approaches for reducing problem behaviour (aligning with the positive, inclusive vision and principles of the NZC)
  • Expected behaviours are consistently acknowledged
  • Inappropriate behaviours are consistently responded to in a fair and equitable way
  • Students being encouraged to take responsibility for the choices they make and developing self management skills.
  • Behaviour management supported by the Health and Physical Education curriculum plan which provides teaching in self esteem, positive relationships, respecting oneself and others, handling conflict, eliminating bullying, appreciating our similarities and differences.
  • Staff working as a team to support each other.
  • It is about restoring relationships - “Working with” rather than “doing to” children
  • Understanding ‘function’ of behaviour is very important - what are they trying to gain? What are they trying to avoid?