otago rippa finals

Date Monday 31st May

Time: 9:30am

Location: Logan Park artificial turf, Dunedin

Postponement date: Wednesday 2nd of June – any changes to the tournament will be made by midday Sunday 30th May and will be communicated to schools

Footwear acceptable

Participants are allowed to wear running/active shoes or plastic studded rugby/football boots. All participants MUST not be wearing metal studs and MUST be wearing closed footwear and will not be able to play in bare feet for safety reasons.

First Aid

We will have certified first aid kits on standby for general first aid. All members of staff are first aid qualified and will look after any situations as they see necessary. We will have ice on hand as well. Please ensure if any of your athletes have medical requirements you TIC is aware of this prior to the festival.


If your school will provide a tent/gazebo feel free to bring and set that up at the festival. This will be good for a base for students to leave gear and also for shelter.

Game timings

Games will be allotted in 15-minute time slots with 7-minute halves and a 1-minute break between. Please make sure that teams are where they need to be at their times of games so that we can get underway as soon as possible. As you can see on the draw there is very little turnaround times between games so the TIC’s will need to be onto it.

Otago Finals Rippa Teams