Manaakitia Mondays

Welcome to Arrowtown School and Manaakitia Mondays!

As part of our transitions to School Programme we offer visits for children who are going to attend our wonderful school.

As well as becoming familiar with the classroom and surroundings, these visits allow children to experience ‘lunch time’ which is an important time for children to build confidence socially and become familiar with the playground environment.

Arrowtown Preschool and Best Start will organise the trips to Arrowtown School. If your child goes to another ECE, please contact the School Office to set up visits (we recommend kids coming for the six Mondays prior to starting).

Manaakitia Mondays are all about...

  • Giving children a positive understanding and experience of school as a safe, enjoyable place.

  • Acknowledging that children have individual needs, interests and skills.

  • Involving the community of children, families, child care, school and relevant others.

  • Allowing and encouraging positive communication between children, families, early childhood and school educators.

  • Allowing children to spend plenty of time in the school environment before starting school.

  • Giving staff and students opportunities to get to know your child .

How do Manaakitia Mondays work?

We welcome our children who are transitioning to school as well as their parents/guardians to meet our Transitions to School teacher Jeanette Horn each Monday at 1pm at the school entrance/playground.

Your child will then be invited to spend time in the playground until the 1:30pm bell rings. Jeanette will then welcome your child and you into our New Entrant classrooms.

At 2pm our Assistant Principal Rosemary Sutherland will collect any Parents/Guardians that are visiting that day and take them for an informal chat/coffee. This is where school information is shared and questions can be asked.

Everyone comes back together at roughly 2:50pm and the afternoon is over at 3pm.

What does your child need for their Manaakitia Monday visits?

  • A drink bottle

  • A brimmed hat for lunchtime play in Term 1 and Term 4


Please contact Jeanette Horn.