HERO is our cloud-based student management system. This will help us more efficiently manage student contact details, absences, administration and financial matters and is used to report on your child's progress and achievements.

If you haven't logged in before, you will just have to use the email address associated with your account at the school. If you have any issues, please contact the office.

From the parent landing page in the app, you will be able to access financial statements, report an absence, and find links to the newsletter, social media, lunches and more.

Signing Up to HERO

Follow the steps below to view your child's learning.

Android Login

Login via a Browser

For more detailed information, please check out the help guide here.

Hero Notifications

We are using HERO for notifications more often, so please make sure you are signed up for HERO.

By default, HERO will send push notifications to all your devices. If you have no devices, and we have your correct email address on file, you will receive notifications as emails.

You can change between push notifications and email notifications in your account. If you log in to HERO, you can click on your profile icon, and then click 'edit profile'. You can then scroll down to My Devices --> Notification Preferences and change between Default (push notifications to your device) and Email (email notifications).

Please note at the moment you cannot have both options selected.

Please make sure you have one of these options selected, and not 'None' - this will ensure you know when comms get sent out.

Finances - Viewing & Paying Statements

We will generate statements at the beginning of each month. You will receive an email from Arrowtown School entitled ‘Financial Statement from Arrowtown School’. Within the body of this email will be a note from the school (usually a general note stating it is the time for the monthly distribution of statements) and then a link to log in to view your statement. 

If you click on the link, it should open up HERO for you in a web browser and link directly to the Finance page. 

It will automatically default to the ‘Unpaid Line Items.’ If you scroll down, you will see each individual item against your child’s account.

Pay Online

If you wish to pay online, you can swipe on the ‘Pay Online’ button next to each item you wish to pay for - at the bottom there will then be a button saying ‘Pay Selected Item’. Clicking on that will give you a summary of the items to be paid for. It will also include a 2.9% processing fee (this is on Stripe’s side). 

If you hit Pay Now, it will take you to a page where you can input your card details and pay directly. 

Paying by Bank Transfer

If you wish to pay via bank transfer, you can do so. The details are on the bottom of the Finance page. If you wish to pay for a particular item, please do include that in the reference. These will be manually allocated to, so please give it a few days and the items will clear off your child’s account.

Payment in Advance

You may also notice a Payment in Advance section at the bottom of the page. If you have paid more than what is on the account, we add it as a credit to your child’s account.


Please note that you will not be able to access receipts from a mobile device - this is best done on a laptop. 

On the Finance page, you can click on ‘View All Payments’. This will give you an option to print a full receipt for the various years, or if you are looking for a tax receipt, click on ‘View Donation Payments’. This will then give you the option to print the various years’ tax receipts.

Your Bills Explained


As a school, parental donations enable us to provide additional resources for our tamariki. These activities include camps, swimming, cloud-based maths learning programmes, skiing and visiting performers, which all form part of our curriculum.  These activities will appear on your statements as individual items, before the events, as voluntary parent contributions.

The really good news is 33.33% of all donations and voluntary parent contributions are able to be claimed back as tax credits from the IRD (claim form IR526). Receipts for each donation will be provided to you upon request.


Items that sit outside of the curriculum and are voluntary (e.g. GATE exams, school hats, stationery, take-home technology items etc) will continue to be invoiced as separate items on your statement.

Recurring Annual Voluntary Contributions

The below are allocated every year to each student’s account (Maths programmes from Year 3 up). This is some information so you know what each item covers!

Annual Visiting Performers - This covers all performers we get throughout the year from bands, musicians, sportspeople, etc.

Classroom Consumables - This covers all stationery ordered that doesn’t form a part of your child’s own stationery pack and is used in a classroom as a whole. (Paper, colours, blu-tac, etc)

Annual Donation - This helps us bridge the gap between the funding provided by the Ministry of Education and the budget required for running our school. It helps us provide valuable resources and enhances our learning environment (learning support, additional staffing, ICT equipment, etc). 

Maths Buddy/Mathletics - This is for the cloud-based maths learning programmes that are used in various classes.

Swimming - Kids of all year levels will have swimming lessons at the Queenstown Event Centre in Term 4. The lessons themselves are funded by Swim NZ, the payments for swimming are for the transport to and from the venue.

Skiing - Year 3 upwards go skiing in Term 3. Costs will be confirmed shortly.

Ice-Skating - The Junior School goes ice-skating in Term 3 at the rink in Queenstown. Costs will be confirmed shortly.

Camps - There are various camps throughout the year for Year 5 upwards. These will vary in cost depending on how long the kids are away and what they are doing. Cost for camps will go towards accommodation, transport, food and activities. More information on each camp will be provided on our website as they come up.

Student Reports

If you need your child’s report, you can always access it via HERO. When you log in, click on your child’s profile. This should take you straight to the current year’s report.

If you wish to print out the whole report, click on the printer icon at the top.

If you wish to filter down your report, click on the three lines in the top left corner. Click the drop down arrow by your child’s name and it will give you a filtered list of their posts.

If you are looking for assessment results, please email the school office.