NZ Ski have released their Local School Camps registrations.

This year, we will be aligning our school program to suit one camp only for each syndicate.  For these dates, the school will provide teachers up the mountain, and there will be transport from school.

Other dates offered by NZSki will not have transport or teacher supervision provided, and students will miss important learning.

Please select the following dates for ski camps to minimise disruption to our learning program:

YEAR 3 & 4

21st- 23rd August - Coronet Peak

YEAR 5 & 6

14th - 16th August - Coronet Peak

YEAR 7 & 8

7th - 9th August - Coronet Peak

3-Day Local School Camps (all abilities)
Year 3/4 -
Year 5/6 -
Year 7/8 -

Local School Season Passes Primary School -

Financial hardship: We are happy to work in with you for any financial hardship situations. Please contact Jess in confidence in advance, as required.

How to Book Local School Camps 2024.pdf